Exactly What I Have Come Across

I happened to discover a unique serum that a certain mollusk species generates in order to support its innate immune system and can be used as the base for natural skin care products.

It is a macromolecule meaning it has a highly complex molecular makeup.  When included into a natural skin solution, the recovery to skin caused by damage or disorders is accelerated. The serum is beneficial to our skin given it’s compatible with living cells; it will support the innate immune system at the localized site of any skin damage or disorder.

Macromolecules are in a sense molecular machines.  They have complex parts, consume energy, and have a rotating structure that performs the same functions time and time again. Their roles includes that of performing various essential tasks from within a cell.  To name a few would include generating or converting metabolic energy, reading out and translating the genetic code, initiating the requisite force the cell needs to move, recognizing and reacting to signals from the outside world, and synthesizing or secreting enzymes, metabolites, or other macromolecules. Ultimately, the sum of all these assemblies will define the uniqueness of a given cell, organism, or individual.

In terms of basic biomedical research, these nano-machines created by nature allow for fascinating and challenging future scientific discoveries.

Machinery such as a living creature’s innate immune system is made of such complexity that it couldn’t even be replicated by the most experienced biochemist with the help of the highest quality laboratory techniques. Through the processes of genetic recombination and somatic mutation, such organic machinery is able to generate chemical diversity on such a scale it could create a biological solution totally compatible with living cells.

In addition to these biological phenomena, it is of equal intrigue that human skin shares the same basic elements of the aforementioned mollusk.  This is of interest due to the fact that the mollusk generates this biological serum to boost its immune system, thereby deterring infections by micro-organisms and accelerating the regeneration of even severely damaged skin tissues.  Further investigation gives insight into how best to care for human skin lesions and disorders including keloids, rosacea, eczema, and other worrisome skin conditions.


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